Hardee Construction is a company that specializes in wood and metal buildings. Our expertise and experiences have led us to trying new things. For awhile, Hardee Construction did security upgrades to power plants which led us to various other work for the power plants. 

Our Vision.


Hardee Construction's vision is to provide our clients with a on-time an on budget building. We are hard workers devoted to meeting our clients needs and on time. We strive to meet our clients demands and goals.


The growth of Hardee Construction from houses to commerical projects has allowed us to gain more expertise in a number of different types of buildings. From wood to metal, from churches to offices, and so many other things. Hardee Construction values our clients opinions and takes it as improvement.


We've shaped the growth of various communities. Our commitment to excellence will benefit our clients tremendously. Construction is what we do best. Allow us the opportunity to expand and show our knowledge as well as build the building you're hoping for.

We specialize in the construction of municipal office buildings, schools, daycares, religious facilities, engineered metal buildings, retail centers, gas stations, car dealerships, and so much more! Don't hesitate to call us for your construction project.

Company Profile.


Since Hardee Construction has been founded in 1975, founder Jerry Hardee has retired. His son, Dwayne Hardee, is now President. Dwayne's children, Justin Hardee, Clayton Hardee, and Daulton Hardee all work for the company. Justin has been with the company since graduating high school, while Clayton and Daulton joined later on. You can certainly say that Hardee Construction is a family business.


The expertise of Dwayne are being passed onto his children. Dwayne having been part of the company since the 1980's has dabbled his feet in the designing and constructing of numerous buildings throughout South Carolina, as well as Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina.

We are with our clients every step of the way in the process of building their building, even before construction has begun. We offer estimates, consulation, and other services as well. 

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