Why us?

We here at Hardee Construction strive to be the best construction company that we can be. These 3 words describe how Hardee Construction are the best.




Our family has a long history of serving the community. Gerald Pritchard (Grandfather) was a Sumter County Police Officer for a number of years. Jerry Hardee, who started the buisness built numerous homes througout Sumter, then expanded the company to churches and many other buildings in surronding areas. Dwayne Hardee joined and brought new ideas to the company. Now Dwayne's sons, Justin, Clayton, and Daulton Hardee are continuing to write the legagcy of Hardee Construction.




We take pride in our buildings. Throughout the entire process we treat your building as if it is ours. Hardee Construction is very attentive and devoted to keeping our jobsites as clean as possible for our clients walk-throughs. Money - we treat yours as if it was ours. Our knowledge and relationships with various companies and subcontrators offer our clients the best prices.




When you choose us, you choose the best service. We choose the best to meet our clients demand and needs on time as well as on budget. Quality materials, subcontractors, and a quality construction company. The value of quality takes commitment from an entire organization, and Hardee Construction is committed to building the building our clients want. Let our expertise help build the building of your dreams.

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